Baby #2 – Twenty Seven Weeks

Well, it’s official: I’m in the THIRD TRIMESTER! Hollaaaaa.

Man, this one is seriously flying by. Doesn’t it feel like I just announced it? I feel like I always compare my two pregnancies, but I can’t help it because they’ve just been so completely different!

27 Weeks Pregnant with Maddie and apparently a fan of white lipgloss? I don't even... nevermind.

My hair seems to be in a little better shape this time, but my skin is worse. The weight gain is a little on the lower side with this baby, but maybe that’s because I’m not craving FREAKING CAKE FROSTING OUT OF THE JAR like I was last time. (I’m not exaggerating.)

And the body differences… oooooh, the body differences. My hips and butt aren’t widening as much as they were with Maddie, but each of my boobs have pretty much exploded to the size of my head. And I have a big head, let me tell you. In high school, some teacher brought in a tape measure so we could measure our heads for graduation caps. Well I had to keep my little paper hidden until it was time to turn them in because my measurement was like an inch larger than all the boys’. Even a kid named Odias had a smaller head than me. Doesn’t Odias seem like a macho, big headed-person’s name? That’s what I thought too. Morgan is apparently more macho.

(Is this painting you a nice enough picture yet? My boobs are huge.)

One day when I know for sure there are no males around here listening, I’ll tell you about nips. That’s where all this stuff stops being funny and starts getting REAL.

Anyway. Boobs. They happen.

37 Weeks

Blurry belly.

So, scratch the big San Francisco shopping plans I had for tomorrow.  After a very cocky attempt at taking a long walk the other night, I discovered that I am, in fact, a 5 ton BEAST and would likely pass out, give birth, and/or die if I tried to shop for 6 hours straight.   So guess who gets to stay home in lovely Fresno and catch up on laundry this weekend?  Moi!

In baby news, there isn’t much to report, other than CONTRACTIONNNNNNS.  Sadly, I doubt they’re anything to get super excited over… just my trusty old uterus doin’ it’s thang to gear up for the big event.  But still, progress!  So, whoop whoop.

Oh, AND!  20 days left until my due date!  Less than three weeks! AHH!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

36 Weeks

What's with the forced smiles lately? I promise I'm a happy person!

I have less than a month left until my due date and I’m freaking out.  Like, wow, FREAKING OUT.  I always do this thing where I think, “Okay, what was I doing 12 weeks ago?  That’s how long I have to wait! heeheehee.” and skip off to enjoy my day without a care.  But right now?  Not so much.  Tomorrow I’ll be able to say that I’m due at the end of the month.  I’ll be a mom at the end of the month.  !!!!!!!

I definitely don’t feel ready, but everyone says the mama bear instinct will kick in and everything will feel natural and all that.  It better.  I’ve never even held a newborn! They’re too tiny and fragile and slippery… I’m thinking I should probably get over it now.

I will give myself props on the fact I’ve been super productive these past few weeks and the nursery is actually looking like a nursery instead of the pile of junk it used to be.  Having that accomplished feels awesome and like 40 pounds were lifted off my shoulders.  Those 40 pounds may have deposited themselves on my thighs, but hey, only four weeks left until I can work on that, right?

I’ll post pictures of the baby’s room after the changing table comes in and I get the adorable wall decals up.  Ohhh my, you will die when you see these things.  Little pink birds, that’s all I’m saying. :)

35 Weeks

Before I go any further, let’s just have a little blast from the past…

You can tell I get really fancy and creative with my poses.

So, you know that post from the other day?  The one about what a terrible little procrastinator I’ve been and how I need to get my stuff together because, umm, there are only 5 weeks left until a child comes into my life?  Well let me tell you, people, something very strange has happened to me.  I have undergone a transformation unlike anything I’ve ever known.

I am now a nesting monster.

Wednesday night I went home with my handy little list of to-do’s (which was quite the overwhelming list, let me tell you) and tackled an impressive amount of things in just a few hours.  I washed, folded, and put away the baby’s clothes in freshly-lined dresser drawers, tackled mine and Justin’s laundry pile, managed to organize the 5,000 newborn diapers that were sprawled all over our living room into one nice box, dusted, vacuumed, swept, cleaned our room and made our bed.

I know this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to some of you, but let me make something clear: I am NOT an organized person.  My room growing up was filled with 3 big pile of clothes — clean, dirty, and not-sure-but-I’ll-deal-with-it-later.  I’ve never really been the type to, you know, put things away until about 2 days ago.

And also?  A recent trip to Target further proved this miraculous change, when I passed up the clothes section and instead stocked up on cleaning supplies and hangers.  Who AM I?

Tell me, does this whole nesting thing wear off?  In another couple months, am I going to be lugging around a newborn and still have this urge to scrub baseboards, organize closets, and find and destroy that one spider that managed to scurry away and is now hiding somewhere under the recliner, waiting to eat my feet whenever I come close?

(I’m serious.  It’s a terrifying thing.)