Baby #2 – Nine Weeks

Well, hello Mrs. Muffin Top.

How are those size 6 skinny jeans finding you today? Not so well, you say? Cutting off the circulation from your ever-expanding balloon body, you say? THEY ARE WAY TOO SMALL & IT’S TIME TO LET GO OF THEM ALREADY, you say?

Well then.

If you look closely, you may be able to see that my jeans are unbuttoned. I would like to say it was because it simply slipped my mind, but that would be a lie straight from the flaming pits of hell. I am actually unable to button them safely and without causing myself physical harm and discomfort.



18 Weeks

Last week I skipped the 17 week belly shot because I lost Ol’ Pinky, my faithful bathroom photo shoot companion.  And I was very tempted to skip again this week because… well, to put it lightly — I am a freaking pasty cow who can’t take a decent picture to save her life.  Ten points for self esteem over here! WOO!

This is one of three photos Justin took of me the other night, and is now forcing me to post because he is annoyed and ‘doesn’t get’ why I don’t think I’m photogenic.  Well, I ‘doesn’t get’ yo face, Justin.  So there!

She’s a-growin’!