Fresno Women’s Summit and the accompanying jitters

Guest Speaker_Morgan Gable-01

I have something really really exciting to share with you guys! This coming weekend, I’m going to be speaking on a panel at The Fresno Women’s Summit! I am so honored to be included in the group of amazing local ladies who will be gathering to share some things we’ve learned in how to be successful in business, health and social media. Obviously, this delights me to no end because I absolutely LOVE the blogging community and all things social media. I have so much swirling around in my head!
To be honest, there’s a huge part of me that’s abso-freaking-nervous to be speaking in front of a group of people and another nagging little voice that keeps saying I’m underqualified and have nothing special to contribute. I know it’s just jitters and I’m doing my best not to let it stick, just being real with you all. Anyway, I would so appreciate you lifting me up in prayer as this comes up to be able to share what’s on my heart with grace, humility and honesty. I don’t want another replay of all those terrible high school and college speeches that I’ve done my best to block from memory, haha… eeeeeeek.

Thanks so much, friends!

Here are our social media links if you’re interested in following along with this amazing event:

Snapchat: FresnoWomensSum

“Oh, you’re one of THOSE.”

It’s always interesting to see a person’s reaction when you first tell them you have a blog, especially people you know personally. Some comments are super sweet and encouraging, like, “That is so awesome and cool and stuff. Be my best friend and you can borrow all my designer heels whenever you want. Here’s a lifetime supply of MAC eyeshadow and some tickets to Hawaii for you and 500 friends. And take this $1,000,000 and go buy yourself something real nice.”

(Important Note: I just lied.)

More frequently though, I’ve been met with this recurring blank stare, complete with a judgy raised eyebrow. They’re like, “But why do you have a blog?”

I have even been called a nerd a few times. (By the way, I believe the proper term is geek. If you’re going to insult me, INSULT ME ACCURATELY, thankyouverymuch.)

(Evil 'Nerdy' Blogger says GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.)

I go on to explain to the eyebrow raisers that I started my blog when I was pregnant as a way for my family and friends to keep tabs on me and the baby, but then the person responds with, “So, you were pregnant 2 years ago… what do you write about now?”

I think to myself: Umm… tub pooping? ‘Girlstache’ removal? Oh, you could tell them how you go into detail about your boobs on occasion. That’ll reeeeeeeally warm them up to this whole blogging idea!

So I continue, attempting to justify my silly rants and ramblings. I make it clear that I don’t take myself too seriously with the whole thing, in hopes they’ll let me off the hook and stop with the judgy eyes. I start second-guessing myself and my writing… and get a smidge embarrassed.

But then, I remember how freaking fun and rewarding the whole experience has been. How writing about my boob issues has proven to been quite therapeutic. How I’ve been encouraged to set goals for myself and follow through with them for once. And most importantly, how many amazing people I’ve met, gotten to know, and grown to love through it all.

(Just a handful of the amazeballs bloggers I've met in person)


At that point I just say, “Because I love it.”

I have failed you once again

Is it just me, or is the blogging world pretty dead lately?

No, I  know. It’s me. I just like to believe I’m not the only one who is being a complete lamer and not posting as often as I should. I apologize! I have a feeling I’ve lost some of you, but that’s alright.

(No it isn’t. I cry about it sometimes.)

(Okay not really, but almost.)

Some good news is that I’ve been doing a ton of custom bow orders (thanks to this lady) which has been keeping me busy, and I’ve posted a few new things I’ve made in my shop.

I also have a super fun room makeover project I’m working on that I’ll be sharing soon, so … be excited. I know you are.

A giveaway is in the works as well. I just need to figure out what I’m going to give away. That bit of information would be beneficial I think. Yep.

See? I have plans. I have ideas. I just lack the motivation for some reason. It could be that I’m still enamored with our new satellite and I haven’t bothered to lift a finger since it was installed because I’m too busy watching smutty reality shows. Just saying.

I just need a swift kick to the tush to jump start it all.

I’ve reached a new level of Pathetic.

This entire work week has been mind-numbingly sloooooooow. With not much going on and me being alone in the office the majority of the time, naturally I’ve been spending quite a bit of uninterrupted time on the internet. What? Did you expect me to be working? Ha!

A silly little thing happened to me a few minutes ago that made me realize exactly how much blogging has affected my life. See, this lady has been calling and asking for my boss ALL afternoon, and he’ll return her calls, but she won’t answer. Back and forth, they’ve been calling each other and haven’t been able to get through. So this last time (I’ll admit I was sick of the sound of her voice already), she called and he was on his cell phone…

‘Professional’ Me: If you will hold just a moment, I’ll just go in and slip a note in front of him to let him know you’re waiting. Maybe we can end this little game of blog tag — I mean, umm… phone tag. Justamomentplease.

I’d say it’s time for an intervention, wouldn’t you?