My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is seriously overdue — my great friend Alicia was married on April 19, 2008, but I’m just getting around to sharing these beautiful pictures. That’s just plain laziness.

Brent and Alicia were married in Pismo, California on the edge of a cliff. It sounds terrifying, but it was actually very beautiful (and no one fell to their death, thank the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… although Pastor Greg was dangerously close at one point).

This was my first time playing the role of Maid (Matron…bleh) of Honor, and I have never been more unsure of what I was doing in all my life. I just kept repeating three things to myself that weekend: Don’t get a big head & be bossy (EASY to do as Maid of Honor, let me tell you), suck up the complaints, & remember it’s Alicia’s day. Everything turned out beautifully, and the … one, two, three … EIGHT bridesmaids all looked as fabulous as ever. The bride was the true show-stopper though…


The lovely ceremony

Of course, my brother would catch the garter.

Me, making a toast. No clue what I was doing.

Pretty tulip bouquets

Poor Erica’s shoes were stuck.

And we end with the happy couple.