Bangs or not?

HELP ME, my lovely lady friends. Do you have bangs? Have you had bangs? Are they a good idea or not?

I’m getting my hair done later today and I’m wanting something different. I know I finally went back blonde after whining about it for a year, but I even kinda sorta might want to dye it back brown as well. I’m weird, let’s just agree on that right now.

Anyway, I know I look absolutely NOTHING like Kim Kardashian, but this picture made me rethink my current California Girl look…

kim kardashian bangs

Dark, shiny… I would need a major tan so as not to look albino-goth again (bad times, bad times), but I think it’s doable.

Advice? Suggestions? You have 4 hours! :)

Hair Issues

Hair Evolution:

1987 – Fatty Mo rockin’ the mohawk

Pigtails & Dad (when he had hair)

Naptime at preschool, then:  “Smile, Morgan!”  …

Big bows, scraggles, and little brother.

3rd grade flyaways & vest action.

Senior photo – hated my hair that day.

Chunky highlights (Sarah, recognize this place? haha)

Getting lighter…

Blonde and some roots at Steph’s wedding.

Blonde bob

Fried blonde

Getting darker…

The Big Black Mistake.

aaaand the dark, growing-out, in between, sucky stage.

As you can tell, I have some hair issues.  Let’s not talk about the first half of my life — I don’t hold myself fully responsible for that mess.  But since I’ve been coloring my hair, I have yet to commit to a single shade for more than a few months.  I’ve been black, blonde, and everything in between.  I have my favorites, and I have my those-photos-need-to-be-destroyed-not-so-much-my-favorites.

Tomorrow I have an appointment and I’m dying (get it, DYE-ing?  har-har) for a change.  I already know I’m going to keep growing it out… I’ve commanded my hair stylist not to let me talk her into cutting a bob again (those things are the devil to grow out, let me tell ya…), but the color is the big question.

So now what?  Suggestions?  Is anyone as color-happy as I’ve been?