The Hot Older Men Debate

Let me preface this post by saying I am happily married to a hot young man who has a full head of brown hair (which I love). He has often voiced his opinions about women (ahem, MEGAN FOX.) so I’m sure he won’t mind this. :)

I know, it kind of sounds gold-diggerish, but I know you girls have checked out an older guy and given your seal of approval as well. Don’t deny it!

A recent conversation with a 20-something friend of mine spurred a little debate. What’s more attractive on an older man… salt and pepper or a bald/shaved head?

Team A – The Greys


Richard Gere

Pierce Brosnan

Team B – The Bald/Shaved Heads



bruce willis

I conducted a little survey on Twitter, asking what the ladies prefer. Here’s what they said:

mrspriss_hot older men debate_twitter_poll

The results of my little Twitter survey were very interesting… pretty much all who answered were in favor of the gents with salt and pepper hair.

(Personally, Jason Statham & Bruce Willis get my vote. Just saying.)

What do you prefer? Cast your vote in the comments. :)