Baby #2 – Ten Weeks

Okay, I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow, but I have been majorly slacking off with my posts (and life in general) these past few weeks. I am SO looking forward to feeling better soon, not puking at the sight of meats and cheeses.

So is everyone still okay with me posting my blurry, ghetto, bathroom belly shots? Because I DO own an actual camera and am happy to pose awkwardly in front of my apartment for all my neighbors to watch and ridicule. But it’s whatever the people want!

Anyway. The baby, as my friend Kristy so eloquently worded it, is a life-sucking leach. BUT! It’s a life-sucking leach without a tail and with actual, non-webbed fingers now! AWWW.

Also, I watched The Business of Being born last week during a slow time at work. It was really interesting, but may I please advise that you DON’T DO THIS AT WORK. I never expected to see that many dark brown Milkdud nipples that early in the morning and I’m not sure I’ve fully recovered.