Ring around the Rosie

Just wanted to share a little happy magnet I made in about .3 seconds last night.

I was inspired by Betz White’s felt rosettes… they are just too cute for words!  You basically cut a spiral circle out of a piece of felt, roll it into a little rose and secure the end with glue.  Couldn’t be easier (or more addictive… I have about 20 of these things made).  Plop one on a magnet and you have this:


I don’t know if this qualifies for Alyssa’s Crafty Challenge this week, but if any of you have anything fun to show off, pop over to her blog and enter!

Back to my book

The Little Chair

Being that I’ve been in a super crafty (and nesty!) mood lately, I figured it was about time to give my little vanity chair a makeover.  I’ve never recovered anything, so I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out…


Stains. Niiiiiiiiice.


Ahh, much better.
Ahh, much better.

A little black spray paint and a major case of trigger finger later (staple guns are serious business, man), I have a much prettier place to sit and put on my makeup.

And umm, I just have to say how incredibly addicting that fabric is.  I went back to the fabric store and bought another yard — okay, two yards — of it and covered some cork board (which you can see on the table in the picture), and have been trying to figure out something else to do with the rest because it is just SO DARN CUTE.  That was the longest sentence ever.  Anyway… Ideas?  :)

Crossing Over

In my daily browsing of Etsy shops, I have discovered so many creative and adorable things.  I love the whole ‘handmade’ aspect of that site!

The other day, I stumbled upon a little shop called Nea that totally inspired me to pick up an old hobby I used to have — cross stitching. My mom and Grammy taught me the basics back in the day and I remember how much fun I used to have making little projects and gifts.  My mom actually still has something I made for her when I was 7 years old hanging in her kitchen. She must really love me or something, because that little stitched strawberry is a tad ghetto.

Anyway, my mom dug out a bunch of old floss she had and I bought some Aida fabric at Michael’s and decided to try my hand at it once again.  I whipped up this little bird on a branch while watching The Office last night (pattern found online at Martha Stewart).

In keeping with the whole semi-homemade gift giving concept, I’m thinking my Christmas gifts are going to get a little crafty this year.  I can’t wait to get started!