When you have a Hulk Baby, get these.

Baby humans expand at alarming, hulk-like rates. Which is fine! I adore their little chub rolls and cankles. I am a firm believer that chubby babies make the world go ’round. The thing I find frustrating about it all is how quickly they grow out of their expensive little clothes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought THE Most Adorable Outfit and had one of my gigantic kids outgrow it by the time I got home from the store. It makes me all angry fists just thinking about it.

Enter Disney Cuddly Bodysuits. Recently, I was able to try out these onesies on Jack and I absolutely LOVED them!

Look at the vintage-looking Winnie the Pooh pattern. Did you just die? Because I died. And then Jack stuck his own foot in his mouth and I died again…

The most awesome thing about these onesies is that they have an extra row of snaps that allow your baby to wear them even longer.

Hulk Baby issue solved. Money saved. Win.

(Is it wrong I kind of want something like this for myself for fat days?)

(Yes, yes it is very wrong. You don’t even have to answer.)

You’ll love them, your cheapskate husband will love them, and your baby’s fat little thighs will just jiggle joyfully with all that extra room. :)