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This is my first attempt at making crepe paper flowers and I have to say, they’re quite fun! I’m making them to go on a wedding cake, of all the scary, intimidating things. Cripes, just a little bit of pressure. They’re something new, but I figured I’ve made a thousand fabric flowers… paper can’t be that much different, right?

I’ll post some photos of the After, with all the flowers on the cake, à la Martha Stewart Weddings:

Hoo lawdy, I need more practice. Wish me luck.

Tutorial: Felt Pinwheels

Last year I threw a carnival themed baby shower for a dear friend. I remembered making paper pinwheels when I was younger and thought a bunch of them in a mason jar would be the perfect centerpiece! I decided to use felt since I just have so much of it on hand and they turned out SO cute. I’m finally getting around to sharing the how-to… enjoy!


  • Two colors of felt
  • Beads, buttons, other misc. findings to use for the center
  • A small round object to use as a template for a circle (I grabbed a pinch bowl from my kitchen)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Needle & thread

Use your pen and bowl (or whatever) to trace two circles on the felt, one of each color.

Cut out the circles.

This step is optional, but it makes the finished pinwheel look nice and crisp: Glue the two pieces of felt together, using just a small amount and preferably near the edge of the circles. This will keep the felt from lifting and pulling apart. Don’t put the glue right in the center or it’ll cause you problems later when sewing the center.

Cut notches in the two circles to make an “X”. They should measure about a third of the circle’s diameter.

Using the two photos above as a guide, fold the corners with the pink dots to the center.

Use a needle and thread to stitch the corners down (or use glue… I’m sure that would work just fine) and sew a cute little bead to the center. That’s it!

I glued them to wooden dowels when I was making the centerpieces, but you could also make a cardigan pin, a hair clip or headband, or string them up as a garland. HOW FLIPPING CUTE WOULD THAT BE? OMG.

Sometimes I’m actually productive and do things other than whine.

Sooo, I’ve been a bum and haven’t even done anything remotely crafty for the past few months. Maybe it has something to do with using most of my free time taking care of my two children practicing dance moves on YouTube that are clearly not meant for white girls to be attempting, I don’t know. It’s called having your priorities in check. And don’t even pretend like you’ve never watched a dance video online and busted a move in your living room, ESPECIALLY if you’re a white girl. Let’s be real here… most of us white girls can’t dance. But we do try to our little off-beat-heart’s content and for that we get an A for effort. And Awkwardness.

Where was I? Before I had Jack though, I was on a little crafting spree so I thought I’d share a few of the simple little projects I did actually complete before I lost myself in all those booty pops.

I wanted something to fill the space on the little blank wall in our bedroom, so when I spotted these cardboard butterfly sticker things at Michael’s for like $3, I figured I could make them work somehow. They’re slightly raised and more thick than a normal sticker so the effect isn’t as juvenile as you’d expect. Or maybe it is, whateva. I like em.

Next we have a moss covered letter. The “W” stands for my maiden name, being that I was going to make something else with it and give it to my mom like 2 years ago and never got around to it. Daughter fail. Anyway, I basically just hot glued clumps of moss to a wooden letter.

Me caveman. Me do simple projects.

Tutorial: Felt Pom Pom Flower Thingamabobs

I’ve been asked to give some instructions on how to make the felt pom-pom type flower thingamabobs I used on the yarn wrapped wreath a few weeks ago.

Note: They’re a lot easier to make than they seem.

Note: I need to just toss out that gross old glue gun already. You might gag when you see the photo below.

Note: It happens to be 1:00 in the morning and I’m in a zombie-like state, so pardon the mumbo jumbo ramblings. I was laying in bed and was all, “NEED TO DO POM-POM THINGAMABOB TUTORIAL OR WILL NEVER FALL ASLEEP”, so here I am.


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1:

Cut a strip of felt about 2 inches wide. The longer your strip is in length, the larger your flower will be.

Step 2:

Fold your strip in half and glue the edges together. Make sure ONLY to put your glue right at the edges, not in the center of your fold.

Step 3:

Cut little notches along the length of the felt, only going about halfway through to the other end. You’ll be cutting on the fold… WHERE YOU DIDN’T PUT ANY GLUE! Right? You listened to me before, right?

Step 4:

Start at one end of the strip and start rolling it up, like you would if you were rolling a sleeping bag. Dab a few dots of glue along the way to hold things in place.

This is the back of your flower. It doesn’t look perfect or pretty, but no one’s going to see it. Make sure you secure the outside edge with a generous amount of glue so it doesn’t unroll on you.

All done!

That’s it!

To make the larger white flower, I just made 2 strips of felt and went through the cutting and gluing steps. When I finished rolling the first strip, I glued on the 2nd strip and continued to roll it up. Does that make any sense? I hope so!

Use these little babies as gift toppers, brooches, shoe clips, hair clips, on wreaths, string them up as a garland… whatever you do, it’s going to be adorable. I love making these and you will too!

And now I sleep.

Tutorial: Cheery Yarn Wreath

I know the holidays are over and the whole idea of still having wreaths hanging up might seem silly, but bear with me on this one. Yarn wreaths are my absolute favorite craft of the moment. They’re inexpensive to make and though it does take a little time to wrap the yarn, they become quite addicting once you get the hang of it. My favorite thing about them is the versatility. You can quickly switch up the theme of your wreath with a simple little trick… but I’ll get to that in a minute!


  • Wreath form (I used a mini 8″ foam one, found at Michael’s for $4 or so)
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Adornments of your choosing (felt flowers (tutorial here), rosettes (tutorial here), bows (tutorial here), buttons, ribbon, etc.)
  • Glue or pins to hold your adornments in place (not pictured, whoops)

Step 1:

Tie one end of the yarn around the wreath and secure in a double knot… or a triple knot if you’re paranoid that a beast might come attack your wreath in the night. Don’t trim that little tail yet! I’m sure there are other ways of doing this, but I’m a simple girl and this is a simple project. (I’m also a bit lazy. Ain’t no thang.)

Step 2:

Wrap the yarn around the wreath form. This is the part that can and will take you 238 hours if you let it. I’ve found that the best way to go about this tedious little task is to not worry about perfection. You can loop the yarn through and tighten it each time to make it look seamless and without lumps, but no one’s going to pay that much attention to it in the end and you will probably go nuts (speaking from experience). This one took me about 20 minutes to wrap.

(And if you ask me, the little lumps and bumps add character. That’s what I like to tell myself in the mirror, as well.)

Step 3:

When you reach the end of your yarn wrapping journey, you’ll be back at the loose tail you left dangling in Step 1. Tie the end of the wrapped yarn to that loose piece and knot it a few times. NOW you may trim it. This is the back of your wreath, so no one will be able to see it that little knot… stop hyperventilating!

Step 4:

Decorate your wreath! This is when magical things happen.

You can use either glue or pins for this step. I actually have come to prefer pins because you can rearrange everything if you make a mistake, and as seasons and holidays change you can easily switch out your adornments to fit. That’s what I was talking about with the versatility of this project. Bonus: you don’t have to wrap yarn around a new wreath form any time you want a new look. Lazy girl wins again!

The Final Product, Version 1:

The Final Product, Version 2:

See? Pretty painless. :)