My Crafty Area

It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s put together enough to show you guys…



1) Justin’s sister Megan prettied up a letter M for the baby on Christmas. I might have stolen it for my area, but at least  it’s still in her room!

2) A cross-stitched pink elephant. Because I love fat animals… they just make me laugh!

justins note

3) I framed an old photo of Justin and I, along with one of my favorite cards he’s written. Looking at that reminds me of how sweet he can be. :)

4) An old can covered in pretty paper holds pens and scissors.

5) My DIY pincushion from a few weeks ago.


6) Inspiration/photo board with lovely things that put me in a creative mood.

7) The Butterfly art project I made from scrap paper

8) I Love You, Blogs & Tea print from the ever fabulous Made by Girl (Thank you again, Jennifer!)


9) Pretty stacked boxes from Target (on clearance, score!) hold rolls and rolls of cute ribbon.

10) A ribbon box that was given as a birthday gift from Shea.

And there you have it — the space where I waste the most time. :)

Butterfly in the Sky…

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot that song existed until I was trying to think of a title for this post. Reading Rainboooooooow, good times.

Now that I got that out of my system… A PROJECT!

After being so heavily inspired by these Recycled Magazine Collages, I wanted to make something similar for my craft area (which I’m DYING to show you, but it’s not quite finished). Instead of taking five years to pick out magazine pages to use, I opted for a few sheets from my gargantuan paper collection.

Forgive the imperfections. As I was cutting out these little suckers, American Idol was on in the background. I kept looking up at the tv and criticizing the contestants and had to remind myself that, OH! You have a pair of sharp scissors in your hand!

I may have maimed a few butterflies in the process.

The Little Chair

Being that I’ve been in a super crafty (and nesty!) mood lately, I figured it was about time to give my little vanity chair a makeover.  I’ve never recovered anything, so I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out…


Stains. Niiiiiiiiice.


Ahh, much better.
Ahh, much better.

A little black spray paint and a major case of trigger finger later (staple guns are serious business, man), I have a much prettier place to sit and put on my makeup.

And umm, I just have to say how incredibly addicting that fabric is.  I went back to the fabric store and bought another yard — okay, two yards — of it and covered some cork board (which you can see on the table in the picture), and have been trying to figure out something else to do with the rest because it is just SO DARN CUTE.  That was the longest sentence ever.  Anyway… Ideas?  :)