What I “didn’t” do this weekend

…what?  Pshhh, no… I totally “didn’t” break down and finally buy Twilight on Saturday night while I was at Target.

As a matter of fact, I “wasn’t” carrying it around with me in the store with the cover facing inward, so as not to draw any attention to the fact that I was about to become one of those women.  You know, the ones who read it and get all crazy-obsessed with the very fictional and very teenage Edward Cullen (well, technically he’s a lot older, but you all know it’s “pure coincidence” that I know that little fact and not because I read the book or anything).

And I sure “didn’t” stay up late on a church night reading about vampires.  Who do you think I am?

On Sunday, when I had a few hours to myself, I “didn’t” run out to Barnes & Noble when I was getting close to finishing the first book because I knew I’d want to immediately pick up the next one.

And when I couldn’t find what I was searching for right away in the store, I honestly “didn’t” panic for just a minute.   Because you know, I’m absolutely “not” one of those women.

I also “wasn’t” scouting the area for an employee who would be sure not to judge me if I asked where that series was located in the store, only to spot the perfect, nearly 30-year-old guy who was “obviously not into World of Warcraft or at the very least, something similar”.  He also “wasn’t” extremely rude, and “didn’t” make me feel like I was too old to be reading stories about teenage vampire love when he said, Oh, you’re looking for thooooooooooseThey’re over in Teenage Fiction.

Right now, It’s “not” like I’m sitting at work, waiting for everyone in the office to leave for that meeting so I can sneak New Moon out of my purse and read just a couple pages, either.  I have some serious and important grown-up work to get done today, people.

Okay, so spill it.  Who else “hasn’t” read them?