And the potty training hell begins…

Remember that time a few days ago when I mentioned how we were going to try to start potty training? Well, it’s happening.

Last night I was filling up the bathtub. Normally, that’s the time where I sit Maddie on her little potty and tell her to go pee-pee because after a few of these types of situations, you learn to take the necessary precautions, yo. Well, we’ve been doing this for about a week and she’s never actually tinkled in it… she basically just sits and says, “peepeepeeELMO!!peepeepee” over and over. She’s really into Elmo right now, I don’t know.

Anyway, so I’m filling up the tub and I turn around to see a chubby white naked butt running down the hall. (Nooo, it wasn’t Justin, but you’re quite welcome for providing you that ridiculously scarring mental picture.) Maddie had her mini potty in hand and was making a break for the living room. I called her to come back in to take her bath and she pretty much skipped back around the corner with a huge LOOK WHAT I DID! smile on her face. I thought it was odd, since she was still mumbling about Elmo, so I was like, “Yeahyeahyeah, ENOUGH ABOUT ELMO. Let’s take a bath already.”

Fast forward 15 minutes. I go to pick up the potty she dragged into the living room and lo & behold, there was pee pee in it. Pee pee that I just happened to sling all over the living room floor. Ah, motherhood.

She apparently ran into the living room with her toilet, peed, and ran back into the bathroom in about 15 seconds flat. I was all, “MADDIE!? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!? GOOD GIRL!” And she responds with, “ELMO!!!“, like, duh, Mom. What did you think I was saying??