Weekend craftiness: Wreaths and other shenanigans

This weekend, a few of us got together to celebrate my dear friend Alyssa’s 20-hrmphhth… birthday! If you guys don’t already follow her blog, pop on over and take a look around. She’s one of the craftiest little ladies I know and always manages to inspire me somehow. Also, she bakes cupcakes. You’ll love her.

I had a feeling she’d appreciate a handmade gift, so I whipped up a yarn wreath for her and myself and a little embroidery thingamabob. I say ‘whipped up’, but if you’ve ever made a yarn wreath, you know I’m a filthy, rotten liar because it takes about as long to make as it does to watch 3 trashy VH1 reality shows. I don’t know from experience or anything though… just saying.

P.S. I do not embroider or sew at all, so don’t judge the little rain cloud project too harshly. Whenever a craft project doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I just say “it has charm” and pretend I wanted it to look that way. Really though, this looks like a 5 year old did it, ha!

Just wanted to give you guys a few more example of what you can do with the oh-so-addictive yarn wreath. I think my count is about up in the teens now. I just love those things!

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