G is for Gable. And Grrr.

Disclaimer: The following post is sprinkled with the sweetest bits of rage. I apologize in advance… you will soon understand why.

As of this morning, I still had our Christmas tree up in the living room corner. I know, the horror! The shame! Well honey, that is NOTHING compared to three years ago when I left it up until my birthday. Which juuuust happens to be at the end of the month… of February.

This year, I am on the ball and I happen to be very proud of myself. Today, not only did I rip down the tree plus gazillion ornaments and shove them in boxes in under 30 minutes take down the tree and tenderly store away each and every delicate ornament with care, I managed to squeeze in a little craft and a little sprucing up of the apartment.

I saw this tutorial on one of my new favorite blogs, The Prudent Baby, and decided I needed to make one, all quick-like. I just bought this cute green/white fabric that will soon be covering my $15 Craigslist-purchased dining room chairs (freaking adorable and eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! so excited to have them finished!), and have plenty to spare, so a-crafting I went.



Here’s the after:


Now, it may look really quick and simple, and you may think you could make one yourself while watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother with your husband sitting patiently on the couch, waiting for you to join him. You may be all, “This will only take a few more minutes babe! It’s going to be sooooo cute, omg I die.” but then two hours later, you’ll be sweating profusely and telling your husband to SIMMER DOWN, I SAID I’M ALMOST DONE! while trying to trim the millions of tiny pieces of thread hanging off the edges because you’re OCD and silently cursing the woman who invented this project in the first place because she is a devil woman with super crafting skills that obviously exceed mine. I mean yours.

If you attempt this, be sure that if your last name starts with a G you PICK ANOTHER LETTER FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Justin, why did you have to have such a difficult first letter of your last name? Explain yourself.

This project was a little B (New Years Resolution: use better language — I’m doing remarkably well), but after rearranging some furniture and adding a few more things to the walls, I think it was worth two hours in my own personal corner of hell. It’s pretty freaking adorable.