Tutorial – Fancy Ruffled Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are a fun little accessory that can add life and bit of fanciness to a pair of plain old shoes.

After seeing all sorts of adorable embellished flats and heels that J. Crew has come out with lately, I wanted to try my hand at it. I hope these instructions are clear enough and you are able to get some use out of it!

Ballet Flats from J. Crew – $185.00


  • Lightweight synthetic fabric (it’s wrinkly because I was tired and lazayyy)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Needle & thread
  • Ink Pen (use a pencil… I couldn’t find one. I know, who doesn’t have a pencil??)
  • Shoe Clips… I bought a ton from The Creative Seed on Etsy for just a few dollars


Trace 16 circles onto your fabric — 8 for each shoe. I used one of my little Anthro bowls as a guide and they turned out to be a pretty good size, but I’d aim for 3 inches in diameter. You can even get all fancy and precise if you have a compass lying around somewhere. I use bowls. I is science.

Cut out the fabric circles.

Start with one circle. Fold it in half…

…and in half again.

Run your needle through the fabric at the part that comes to a point. You’ll see what I mean when you get here.

Repeat the fold-fold-stitch process with 7 more circles. You should have a stack that looks something like the above photo. Knot the thread a few times to secure the stack, and you will see the fabric form a little ruffled cluster.

Flip the fabric over and glue a shoe clip over the knotted thread. I pinched a bit of felt between the clip and used it as a bit of extra surface for the glue to adhere.

Repeat the last five steps with the remaining 8 fabric circles to create another ruffled bunch. That’s it!

Hmm… I think little red posies would also be quite adorable worn on a pair of black heels.


What a coincidence! har har.  I suppose you could even make some sweet little bows or some felt rosettes as well!

Oh Lord. I may never get to sleep tonight.

Memo Board Makeover

I’m on a quest to revamp my boring little apartment kitchen. The white walls are incredibly sad and make me want to stab things with my cheap kitchen knives, but since there’s nothing I can do about that I’ve been trying to bring in some color in other ways.

Anyway, I had this magnetic memo board in my craft area/crap pile, but since I usually do my crafting on the floor of my living room anyway, I thought I’d give it a new home in my kitchen.

I don’t personally know the person from the Victorian Era who barfed all over this thing, but if  I did I would give her some Pepto and lock her away so she doesn’t spread her disease any further.

I decided on the fabric with the graey leaves (that’s how I’m going to spell it from now on, because frankly, I give up). It was pretty easy to take off the 30,000 miniscule screws on the back of this thing, surprisingly, and the whole project took me about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Much better, right?