Mary Poppins, Robin Hood, & the Jazzerciser

My buddy Curtis (Bert) and I (Mary) at the Murder Mystery dinner

The murder mystery dinner was an absolute blast. Everyone’s costumes were so flipping awesome and hilarious, I died! Justin, as some of you guessed, was Robin Hood, but unfortunately we weren’t able to find him green tights. You better believed I tried though… what I would have given to have a lovely set of blackmail photos!

Lord knows, everyone on Facebook has plenty of my ridiculous costume they can use against me…

robin hood_mary poppins
Justin ended up being a tasteful Robin, wearing khakis instead of tights & a felt hat I made for him.

Madeline’s costume was pretty simple… we pretty much had everything for it already. Though it pained me to put her in velcro tennis shoes (I cringe) and she wasn’t wearing a thong leotard, the Jazzercise costume did turn out pretty well.

Maddie as a jazzerciser


Do you know what the best part of Halloween was this year? Eating all Maddie’s hard-earned candy… in one sitting.


Oh, yes we did.