I talk good.

English was always my favorite subject in school, grammar being my weapon of choice. As with most of my quirks amazing qualities, I blame thank Mom.

I can remember a time when Mom corrected Dad after he ended a sentence in a preposition.

Dad: Honey, where are the car keys at?

Mom: You mean, “where are the car keys?”… it makes perfect sense without using at. They’re on the table.

Dad: -_-

That situation taught me a valuable lesson. And soon, I started teaching that lesson to my friends whenever they’d make that common mistake. (I’m sure they loved me for it.)

The whole preposition thing has been a running joke in our family for about 15 years. So naturally, when I saw this card at Target I had to buy it for my Dad’s birthday…

Two girls are on the front, sitting at a table.  One asks the other, “Where’s your birthday party at?”

The second girl says, “Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.”

When you open the card, the first girl replies, “Where’s your birthday party at, bitch?”

He’s going to laugh.

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