Dainty Flowers for Your Hair – Yeahhh, it’s another tutorial.

I came up with these flowers one day when I was in a crafty mood and now I’m completely obsessed with them. I wear them in different colors nearly every day… it’s kind of a problem.

A few things to note:

  • I used an alligator clip for the back, but feel free to replace with any other types of bobby pins/clips you have handy. Or use a pin-back to make a cute brooch!  Oooooh, I like the way I think.
  • With these flowers I used a lightweight, silky fabric. Do you love how specific I am? Haha, I really am no expert, just make sure not to get too heavy of material because the edges will just burn and turn brown on you.
  • When singeing the fabric, BE FREAKING CAREFUL. I’ve burned fingers, clothes, and my bangs. You don’t actually have to touch the flame to the fabric to singe it and make it curl up, and you can easily catch the entire thing on fire.
  • Also, there’s no rhyme or reason to the size or shapes of the flower petals. Mine turned out to be about 2.5 inches wide, but do what you want!

mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 1mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 2mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 3mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 4mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 5mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 6mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 7mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 8mrspriss_flower hair clip tutorial_step 9Experiment with different colors, fabrics and beads for the center. Have fun with it & please let me know if you made one!

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A Few New Lovelies

Since that last {emo} post, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of crafty time and added a few new things to my shop!


{Robin’s Egg Posy Ring | Grey Posy Hair Clip | Lovely White Headband}

Would you do me a favor, pretty please? Take a peek in my shop and let me know in the comments which item you think would be good for my next giveaway. Merci beaucoup!

Headbands and things

After analyzing this video to death, I’ve realized:

  • I should never, ever chew gum again.
  • Must work on not acting like a total snob because I just realized I act like a total snob. Gag.
  • I do like the Bump It, even if I do somewhat resemble a pageant contestant. Va-va voom.
  • Maddie is too adorable.

So, yes. Bump It. If you watch the video on their site, you’ll agree it’s probably the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen… but are you not somewhat intrigued?

It’s basically just a plastic insert that you put in your hair to give it some volume. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was okay with my head being so freakishly tall, but I toned it down a bit and it ended up being alright I think. Feedback is welcome. :)

And that headband with the big flower I had on the girl was made out of this old shirt:

I was glad — giddy, even — to see that big pink circus tent go. Yay for getting rid of maternity clothes! Let’s just pray I don’t need them again for a while.

No seriously… pray. I think I would die.