New Hairstyle – Still Blonde, New Bangs

Thank you all for your feedback on my hair crisis post. What would I do without you all? Seriously. You gave me some super helpful advice that led me to this decision…

morgan-bangsI’m staying blonde and just added some bangs.  I’ve had an irrational fear of getting bangs since birth, I’m not even lying (okay maybe a little), so this was a HUGE step for me.


Since you girls said you love having them and they’re fun and flirty and versatile, I decided to just join the club already. I think I’m liking it!

We’ll just see how I feel when I have to style them on my own. Eep.

Bangs or not?

HELP ME, my lovely lady friends. Do you have bangs? Have you had bangs? Are they a good idea or not?

I’m getting my hair done later today and I’m wanting something different. I know I finally went back blonde after whining about it for a year, but I even kinda sorta might want to dye it back brown as well. I’m weird, let’s just agree on that right now.

Anyway, I know I look absolutely NOTHING like Kim Kardashian, but this picture made me rethink my current California Girl look…

kim kardashian bangs

Dark, shiny… I would need a major tan so as not to look albino-goth again (bad times, bad times), but I think it’s doable.

Advice? Suggestions? You have 4 hours! :)