The Top 15 Ways to Cure the Hiccups (According to Facebook)

What does one do when one’s husband has the hiccups for a 8 hours straight? And one’s sanity has come into question? One consults Facebook!

Facebook screen grab hiccups

I was kind of shocked at the number of cures people started sharing. I had never heard of some of these, but it seemed like each person swore by these remedies! Some were super detailed too, complete with step by step instructions, ha!

Here are some of my favorites:

I hold my breath plug my nose and swallow 3 times. It helps regulate breathing try it a couple times of it doesn’t work the first time.

I agree. I do the same, but while drinking a cup of water through a straw. It helps me concentrate on something else.

Swallow seven times!

Wet red thread on forehead. (Really works)

You have to scare him!

Suck in all the air you can. Hold it for 10 seconds, don’t let any air out and suck in more air. Repeat.

Stay with me, it’s weird but it work. Grab his forearm and have him grab yours. Stare at him without laughing…even if he does. Stay calm and make him calm down and stare directly at you. This helps him bring his heart rate down and gives him something to focus on other than his hiccups. You have to keep him calm and not laugh, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Close your eyes, plug your nose and face up and hold your breath and count to 20.

Peanut butter….a dr once told me that the weight of the pb pushes down on the diaphragm. It works every time.

A spoonful of sugar. Old trick I learned from a bartender that works every time.

Suck on ice. Works most of the time for me.

Drink out of opposite side of glass, like over the glass on the other side.

Make him Burp as often and as loud as he can.

Have him say “hiccup ticcup Jacob took 10 sips of water” then have him take 10 sips of water and then say “All gone”. I know it’s silly but I’ve done in all my life and it works every time.

And my personal favorite, where three sisters share (lol I cracked up):

Hiccups sister remedies

And there you go! Do you have any home hiccup remedies to share? Might as well… you’re not going to sound silly after all these! ;)