Pears in the Entry

My entry table and I have been at war since we moved into this apartment.  I’ve never been thrilled with our how it was decorated and to be honest, I’ve switched out about 10 completely different displays because I’m anal retentive it just never looked quite right. We have this gold ornate mirror hanging on the wall above the table, and it’s been difficult finding a few cute things that actually go with it while not overwhelming the small space.

Call the waaaambulance, I know. :)

Anyway, while at Target today I happened to see these little pears on clearance and snatched them up. They reminded me of a post I saw a little while ago on Thrifty Decor Chick and I figured I could do something with them.


After taking a quick chop to them with a kitchen knife (they’re made of foam and little white crumbs were beautifully sprinkled all over the counter and floor, so it wasn’t quite as gratifying as it sounds), I ended up with these…


With a little gold spray paint (addict), some hot glue and a piece of brown scrapbook paper, I think my entry table and I may have found some peace.


…well, until next week. I’ll let you know.

Decorating on a Budget

In decorating Madeline’s room, I tried my hardest to stick to a budget.  It was a daily struggle not to spend my paycheck on pretty, frilly, little things on Etsy and at Target, but I actually ended up doing pretty well.  I spray painted an old mirror my mom gave me, gladly accepted a hand-me-down rocking chair from my Gram, and was able to find some frugal ways to add little bits of color and cuteness around the room.

I found these irresistible Amy Butler die cuts at Michael’s (of course), popped them in some white picture frames I had up in my closet and voila!

It had to be the quickest and easiest project ever, and they ended up being quite adorable.  I still have a nearly-full box of these little goodies, and I can’t wait to find other uses for them!

I also had quite a few of you ask where I bought the bird decals… an Etsy shop called The Cat Place had them a few months ago and they were super affordable, but I don’t see them in the shop anymore.  Sadness!  If you are dying to get your hands on them, it can’t hurt to ask the owner.  They are SO worth it!

Early Christmas Shopping

I just came across this site, Brocade Home, and I am so shocked I hadn’t heard of it until today… it is FABULOUS! I’m all about fancy fabrics and unique accessories for the home, so needless to say this store is right up my alley.  Check out the sale going on right now:

1. Cocoa Collection Pillows – $19.00

2. Carved Metal Candelabra – $29.00

3. Leaf Trellis Chenille Rug – $49.00

4. Money Box – $39.00

5. Baroque Wall Sconce – $29.00

6. Shaped Perfume Bottles – $29.00

7. Carved Headboard – $399-$499

8. Medallion Jacquard Towels – $6

How great would it be to collect your loose change in that dainty little money box?  Or to store your favorite perfume in those adorable green bottles? Be still, my heart.

I may or may not have done some early online Christmas shopping this morning, so close friends and relatives, be excited!

Green, err… Teal with Envy

Due to the recent posts by the ever so lovely Rachel (Confessions of a Jersey Girl), I have been having some major homeowner envy issues. The talk of painting her dining room Tiffany blue was enough to send me over the edge — umm, fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, our apartment is … cute, but nothing compared to what it would be with a few coats of paint on those dull, ghostly white walls.

I have had a growing obsession with the color teal and it’s amazingness since our wedding in late 2006. Tiffany blue and brown, hello? It was heavenly.

It took no time at all for me to declare it my mission in life to make every home interior-related item that was anywhere near that delicious shade of blue MINE. Lucky for me, our last place was an adorable little house in an adorable little neighborhood, and our landlords had painted the bathroom an adorably perfect shade of – sigh – teal. That, combined with my fabulous shower curtain & Marilyn portrait made me want to hang out in that bathroom for hours. And maybe I did. In the most ladylike fashion, of course.

The only downside to our new place are those ghost-white walls I was telling you about. Unfortunately, renters have limited say in the color of their walls and carpet, so I’m being forced to be creative. It’s also unfortunate that I am just plain uncreative. This is where I need all you faithful bloggy girlfriends to step in and assist this sad little lady.

What are some ways to liven up those boring apartment walls? Have you been in my place before, aching to bring some life and glamour into the little space you call home? Give me some ideas, s’il vous plait, and I promise never to delete you from my Google Reader.