Early Christmas Shopping

I just came across this site, Brocade Home, and I am so shocked I hadn’t heard of it until today… it is FABULOUS! I’m all about fancy fabrics and unique accessories for the home, so needless to say this store is right up my alley.  Check out the sale going on right now:

1. Cocoa Collection Pillows – $19.00

2. Carved Metal Candelabra – $29.00

3. Leaf Trellis Chenille Rug – $49.00

4. Money Box – $39.00

5. Baroque Wall Sconce – $29.00

6. Shaped Perfume Bottles – $29.00

7. Carved Headboard – $399-$499

8. Medallion Jacquard Towels – $6

How great would it be to collect your loose change in that dainty little money box?  Or to store your favorite perfume in those adorable green bottles? Be still, my heart.

I may or may not have done some early online Christmas shopping this morning, so close friends and relatives, be excited!

Loving it.

While browsing through the House Tours on Apartment Therapy (this is a busy day at work, can you tell?), I couldn’t help but drool over these photos.  You may or may not know about my unhealthy obsession with all-things-toile, but I can safely say that my love has only grown stronger after seeing these.  How glamorous!

You can view the slideshow (25 glorious pictures) here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!