Is this so wrong?

Just a little background info:

  • I have sneaky tendencies
  • I have been known to be a little bitter about ex girlfriends
  • The internet gives me balls

With that said, it should be no surprise to you that I have used Myspace to check up on Justin’s 101 Girlfriends he had in 1,001 Days.

When we first started dating (remember, we met online? Yes, lame. I am aware.), I read back through every comment these girls left him. Every. Single. One.  The knowledge I gained from this process was very useful and interesting. And it also angered me greatly.

Were all of these girls skanky hoes? No. Did that matter to me? Haaail naww. I hated them anyway.

There was one in particular that he dated for quite a while. She was cute. She had an Austrailian accent. She did not sit well with me. (Hi, if you’re reading this.)

Wouldn’t you know that one day we started messaging each other on little old Myspace. Considering my past blow ups with ex-girlfriends you’d think this would be completely catastrophic, but surprisingly, she wasn’t as bad as I had hoped thought. In fact, we discovered we had a mutual dislike for a certain ex-love interest of Justin’s. The girl had wronged us both.

This is where I really lost it.

A fake Myspace was created. A good looking guy’s picture was added. A few messages were sent. A date was set to meet up. Laughter from opposite ends of the world ensued.

There have been times where I’ve looked back and thought, “Hmm. Probably could’ve handled that differently.”  But what’s done is done.

You can go ahead and call me crazy. I admit this is the case. I would just like to know who else is guilty of internet stalking. You may not have teamed up with your husband’s ex-girlfriend to get back at another ex-girlfriend, but you’ve done something.

If you have the guts, spill it. :)