I’ve reached a new level of Pathetic.

This entire work week has been mind-numbingly sloooooooow. With not much going on and me being alone in the office the majority of the time, naturally I’ve been spending quite a bit of uninterrupted time on the internet. What? Did you expect me to be working? Ha!

A silly little thing happened to me a few minutes ago that made me realize exactly how much blogging has affected my life. See, this lady has been calling and asking for my boss ALL afternoon, and he’ll return her calls, but she won’t answer. Back and forth, they’ve been calling each other and haven’t been able to get through. So this last time (I’ll admit I was sick of the sound of her voice already), she called and he was on his cell phone…

‘Professional’ Me: If you will hold just a moment, I’ll just go in and slip a note in front of him to let him know you’re waiting. Maybe we can end this little game of blog tag — I mean, umm… phone tag. Justamomentplease.

I’d say it’s time for an intervention, wouldn’t you?