What a Mighty Good Man

Gotta love being tagged. :)

One of my fabulous blogger buddies tagged me to do a post, sharing five random facts about my man.  Being that he is my favorite person in the entire world, this should be a cinch.

1)  Justin and I met on Myspace back in 2005.  Yeah, we’re that cool.  He messaged me, saying something about how I looked “normal” (as in, not skanky, I guess, haha).  We got to talking and realized that I used to be in a little group called Signs of Joy at our old church with his 3 sisters back in the day (Signs of Joy = Napoleon Dynamite’s sign language song… but for Christian kids.  Again, almost too cool).  I had remembered that the Gable girls had an older brother (he was graduating high school while I was just starting junior high), but I would’ve never imagined I’d be married to him 10 years later!

2)  He has to be one of the smartest people I know. The amount of computer-related information he has tucked away in that brain of his never ceases to amaze me.  He owns a web development business, Element Web Media, is constantly reading and learning new things (I say ‘things’ because it’s way over my little head), and will spout of random bits of information you would never expect him to know.  Geek Jeopardy?  He’d be champ.

3)  He’s a full foot taller than me.  Those 6 feet and 5 inches allow me to wear the tallest heels imaginable and not make him feel like any less of a man. :)

4)  Alright, alright, you say.  You adore the guy, we get it.  Well, as much as I do love him, he has been known to ANNOY.  A few things that top the list:  purposely changing the words to well-known songs (Time of My Life is dead to me now), giving me horrendous nicknames and using them in public, and not having the ability to sit during a phone conversation.  The man gets up as soon as the phone rings and starts pacing the room/house/yard/store/whereverwehappentobe and completely tunes out the world around him.  It’s weird.

5)  Justin’s face is capable of contorting into an endless variety of expressions, to the point where it can really creep you out.  Exhibit A:

I think I’ve pretty much done my share of tagging, so I’m going to leave this one open to whoever wants to join in.  Leave me a comment back to your post if you decided to do it!