I have failed you once again

Is it just me, or is the blogging world pretty dead lately?

No, I  know. It’s me. I just like to believe I’m not the only one who is being a complete lamer and not posting as often as I should. I apologize! I have a feeling I’ve lost some of you, but that’s alright.

(No it isn’t. I cry about it sometimes.)

(Okay not really, but almost.)

Some good news is that I’ve been doing a ton of custom bow orders (thanks to this lady) which has been keeping me busy, and I’ve posted a few new things I’ve made in my shop.

I also have a super fun room makeover project I’m working on that I’ll be sharing soon, so … be excited. I know you are.

A giveaway is in the works as well. I just need to figure out what I’m going to give away. That bit of information would be beneficial I think. Yep.

See? I have plans. I have ideas. I just lack the motivation for some reason. It could be that I’m still enamored with our new satellite and I haven’t bothered to lift a finger since it was installed because I’m too busy watching smutty reality shows. Just saying.

I just need a swift kick to the tush to jump start it all.