Madeline’s Room

Well, the nursery is finally finished and waiting for this sweet, wiggly little girl to arrive.  It feels so good to have everything done!  Now it’s just a matter of waiting… she could be here any time!

That's the same rocking chair my Grammy rocked me in. Say it with me... Awww!
Wall decals are my new favorite thing. BIRDS!
Every drawer is filled with super pink, super girlie little things.
I have an old, white plastic hamper. She gets this cute thing. Not fair.
A personalized pillow from Auntie Shea, another bird decal (I told you I'm obsessed), and a pink cross-stitched elephant. :)
The changing table, baskets full of SHOES and tiiiiny diapers, and the monogrammed thingamabob I made a few months ago.

We (and my aching ribs) are ready!