Huggies Jeans Diapers – for real.

Remember back in September when I hosted a giveaway for 3 months of Huggies diapers, then took a nice little trip to New York courtesy of Huggies, and was able to meet a ton of awesome bloggers and Angie Harmon, whom my husband now has a substantial crush on and it’s totally natural because she’s flipping gorgeous?


Well, Huggies was amazing enough to let me try out one of their new products again.  I’m sort of in love with them because they’re a little silly and a lot cute. Are you ready for this?

Did you just die? Because I’m seriously laying on the floor dead right now. JEANS DIAPERS.

Huggies is already my fave-fave-favorite brand as it is being that they’re the only disposable diapers I’ve found that never leak. Now they have a jeans print on them and sort of resemble Daisy Dukes aaaaaaaaaaaaand I just died again.

Okay, sorry I let her bottom sag in this photo, but do you get what I’m saying? Daisy Dukes.

Not that I’d let her run around in public in just a diaper, but isn’t it a little less obvious being that they’re not white?  I love it.

I’m curious what you all think… Would you put your little one in some diapers like these?

New York Huggies Event with Angie Harmon

I know, it’s about time right? It’s been a whole week since my family and I have been back from NY and I can officially be labeled a slacker for not posting this sooner.

Well, the awesome ladies at Edelman PR invited us to New York to attend the Huggies Little Movers event and auction in Madison Square Park. I’ve never been there, so it was pretty exciting to be able to fly across the country and finally see what everyone has been talking about! The only down side? We were actually IN New York for a total of 19 hours… I know. We plan to go back though. :)

While it was a super short trip, it was still pretty flipping awesome. We were able to have a little chat with the lovely Angie Harmon before attending the event, which was put on to help to raise money for KaBOOM!. Angie and her husband Jason Sehorn (swoon) were our celebrity hosts and signed a pair of Big Movers shoes for the auction. Check out the shoes signed by other celebrity parents here.

Here’s a little video recap:

[video 425 285]

The other bloggers that attended were Miss Zoot, Poop & Boogies, Metalia, Blasian Baby Notes, and I Pretty Much Hate Everything. Those are some hilarious people right there, let me tell you! Since we all brought our babies, the atmosphere was just so relaxed and there wasn’t much pressure at all… and it was truly a nice break! It was so great to be able to meet and spend a little time with all of them while we were there.

And now… PHOTOS!

The bloggers and our babies
She was so nice and down to earth. I think right here she was playing with one of the kid's little plastic phones.
The meet and greet with Angie Harmon. Justin is in love, I'm pretty sure.

My spawn. This picture terrifies me! What's with the face, Madeline?
Angie, Jason & Emery (9 months) at the auction
Angie, Jason & Emery (9 months) at the auction
Blogger babies in the ball pit... they LOVED it.
Blogger babies in the ball pit... they LOVED it.
Maddie seriously didn't want to leave. Did you see that part in the video where she threw a hissy? Drama.
Maddie seriously didn't want to leave. Did you see that part in the video where she threw a hissy? Drama.
There was a whole play area set up for the babies... it was a mini obstacle course! So cute.
There was a whole play area set up for the babies... it was a mini obstacle course! So cute.
Justin and Miss Orange Nose in the hotel room
Justin and Miss Orange Nose in the hotel room (she loves those sweet potatoes)
Aaaaand the Gable girls
Aaaaand the Gable girls, full of cheese.

Thank you so much to Edelman and Huggies for giving us this great opportunity! We had such a fabulous time!

And a big thanks to Torrie for letting me steal the photos from her Flickr. See more here.

3 Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers Diapers ~ A Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, Huggies was generous enough to send me a pack of Little Movers for Maddie, and I honestly loved them. For as much as that girl wiggles and crawls all over the place, leaks were never once a problem while she was wearing these. Fellow moms know that is really saying something!

Now, doesn’t that video make you want to go put on a pair of red sneakers with wings and chase around your baby in a big green field somewhere? I know. How would you feel about chasing around your baby who’s wearing one of the THREE MONTH SUPPLY of diapers you won on this blog? Even better, right?

Well, here’s your chance to enter to win not only the awesomely huge supply of Huggies Little Movers diapers for your little one, but also a pair of  Big Movers tennis shoes for you!

Here are the ways you can be entered:

  • Comment on this post! (Be sure to leave a valid email address so I may contact you if you win. Only 1 comment will be counted.)
  • Earn an additional entry by posting the following on Twitter:

Enter to win 3 months of Huggies diapers! #mrsprisshuggies

  • Earn an additional entry by posting something short and sweet on your blog about this contest. Come back here and leave another comment with the link to your post.

Comments and tweets will be open until Thursday, September 3rd at 11:59pm. I will announce the winner the following day.

Good luck, everyone!

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