Two Things My Husband Looks for in a Woman

Last week I talked about the battle of hotness between Jack and Sawyer from Lost. Since I probably made myself out to be a shallow, disrespectful skank of a wife who talks too much about hot celebs, I feel the need to share a little about my husband.

(Okay, mostly this is to inform you juuuuuust how much we both love our celebs. IT’S NOT JUST ME, I SWEAR. And we’re oddly okay with each other’s crushes. Except for Megan Fox. She’s a B.)

(And yes, I call them ‘celebs’. Don’t judge.)

Justin and I recently started watching Mad Men and he quickly became enamored with the redhead. The other 3 men who read this blog just perked up and were like, ‘Who? JOAN? Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhh. *fist bump*” because they know exactly who I’m talking about, even if they haven’t seen a single episode.

Why the obsession? I’ll give you two reasons:

(I was thisclose to numbering them… OKAY FINE.)

Mad Men Joan Holloway

Justin tries to say he likes her because she’s a “genuine, kind-hearted person in real life” since she married a guy who’s average-looking. Oh okay, and you asked me out on that first date because you thought I looked “smart and wholesome” in my Myspace picture. I’m on to you.

(Yes… we met on Myspace.)