Bloggers in Sin City Recap (I’ll try not to annoy you with inside jokes, but no promises.)

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet because if I didn’t get to go to Vegas with a group of 69 bloggers and still had to read about all the shenanigans, I’d have epic sad clown face. I’d also be checking the #BiSC feed on Twitter and be all, “I WANT TO JUMP IN FOUNTAINS TOO!! OR MAYBE NOT BECAUSE DON’T YOU KNOW THAT HOMELESS GUYS PEE IN THEM AND NOW YOU HAVE CHLAMYDIA ON YOUR FEET?? I’M NOT SURE IF THAT’S THE RIGHT DISEASE OR HOW EXACTLY THAT WOULD HAPPEN, BUT STILL.”

(Photo via Katelin)

I only say that because that was totally me last year (then again, I’m dramatic and you might be one of the people who is annoyed from reading all our updates, and that’s okay too. Please come next year! WE MISSED YOU LIKE WHOA!)

I will be honest and say I was terrified of going to Vegas because I had never been before this weekend and I heard there is a lot of aggressive boob showing going on and I don’t cope well with boobs in public. What can I say?

Thankfully, Steph Corwin convinced me to do it.

I avoided public boobs, but did see some random drunk fellow fist pumping across the entire length of a giant pool to a new lady friend he had spotted. It was a Nicholas Sparks movie in the making. We also witnessed gaggles of d-bags, but had the perk of being surrounded by a team of highly trained d-bag deflectors at all times.

(Kori, Amanda, Nico, Amy, Ev’Yan, Kerri, Andrea and some random person who seriously needs to stop tanning – photo via Ali)

We had a hugely awesome blogger dance party at a place called Diablo, where Amy coined my favorite phrase of the weekend, TAKE ME TO THE DEVIL. We ate at the ‘Geriatric Cafe’ with all the old people more times than I’m willing to admit. And I was actually able to jump in a fountain, but was later told by security that homeless guys really do pee in there. This made us all pukey and slightly terrified that we actually contracted chlamydia somehow. See how scarred Kerri is about that fact?

(Photo via Ali)

I had the most amazing time with all my new friends and absolutely can’t wait to see them all again. Super cheesy and clich√©, but absolutely true. I love them all and play ballads on my tiny air guitar in remembrance of our awesome weekend.

* grabs invisible suspenders * Hi guyssth!

Tagged, Some Silly Bloggers, & The Prettiest Tranny You Ever Did See

Thank you Casey, for tagging me/saving me from my blogging death. It’s been quite a while since my last post and I needed a little jump start!

How to Play:

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo on your blog and tell the story behind it

Okay, I’m scared. Let’s see what’s in that folder…


Bahahaha. Okay. First of all, I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t written a post about this!

Once upon a time in July, a big group of bloggers decided to meet up in LA. Steph, Jimaie, Alyssa, Sarah & I drove down there and had a nice little breakfast in a freaking LOUD, yet hipster/cool restaurant with Andrea, Michelle, Nicole, Ashley & her husband Mike, Ev’Yan and her husband Jonathan, and later had some coffee with miss Kerri. Actually… did any of us actually have any coffee, or did we just sit outside the shop and tranny-watch the entire time? I don’t remember now.

Anyway, this photo was us being silly. And it’s pretty much my favorite picture from the trip.

Tranny story:¬† As we were sitting outside the coffee shop, we couldn’t help but notice something interesting going on across the street in one of the upstairs apartments. There was a person having a very heated discussion over the phone while hanging out near their open window… in their underwear.

At first we didn’t realize it was a dude. I mean, he had a set of boobs that could rival… well, someone with really huge boobs… but as soon as we caught a glimpse of that lovely face, it was over.

Proof, courtesy of Jimaie:


Some of us still believe it was Uncle Joey from Full House.