• opened a Go-Gurt for Maddie (most difficult thing, EVER)
  • ate breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • fell asleep
  • put on a full face of makeup (no simple task)
  • made a shopping list
  • talked on the phone
  • had an argument
  • read a book
  • colored with Maddie
  • fixed her hair
  • Tweeted
  • picked up a spilled glass of water off the ground and set it on the coffee table using only my feet
  • answered the door
  • typed out this post

These things have all been accomplished while nursing Jack.

I kind of feel like Kramer in that one episode of Seinfeld, where heĀ installs a garbage disposal in his shower so he could prepare food in there and waste less time. Every time I pick up a magazine to read or start eating a bowl of cereal while Jack is stuck on there, I can’t help but think of Kramer rinsing the lettuce.

Sometimes you just have to get creative with your time saving techniques!