Take a Wild Guess…

As I had mentioned last week, a new friend of mine and fellow mommy-to be, Lisa, gave her readers an opportunity to get in their predictions before she found out if her baby was a boy or a girl (IT’S A GIRL, YAY). Lisa, I hope you don’t mind… I’m going to shamelessly copy your idea. Your post was so great, and I don’t think I could ever be as thorough with all the old wives tales, so I’m using you as a guide. :)

  • It’s still early to tell how active the baby is, considering I’m about 17 weeks, but a genetic specialist has called us in for an early ultrasound, based on family history with heart problems. As far as I can tell, the baby is on track with it’s little flutters. I haven’t felt much, but it’s mostly at night when I’m laying in bed.
  • The weight I have gained has been mostly in my belly, but I’ve noticed a fullness in my cheeks (facial as well as nether-regional), and thighs. It’s very typical of me to put it on in my lower half. I’ve put on 5lbs.
  • Cravings have included the following: In-N-Out cheeseburgers and fries animal-way, lemons, lemonade, cherry slush puppies, sour skittles, fruit in general, Sprite (was never much of a soda drinker), & bean and cheese burritos (even though they make me puke, I still go back for more).
  • Food aversions have included the following: salads, chicken, anything spicy, most asian-related foods (including Dai Bai Dang… my first true love), sesame flavored ANYTHING. Bleh.
  • Lower back pain has never been an issue until the last month or so. It kills.
  • The baby’s heart rate has been in the 160’s when it has been monitored.
  • I had morning sickness from weeks 7 through 12, all throughout the day. Mexican food was the #1 set-off. Since then, certain foods and smells will make me sick to my stomach, including Chipotle tacos and cigarette smoke, but it hasn’t been as bad.
  • Body temperature-wise, I will easily become hot or cold, no matter the time of day — the same as before.
  • Justin has lost weight during this whole thing.
  • My chest has grown from a 36C to a 36D… and quickly approaching the doubles.
  • I was 22 at the time of conception, which was March of 2008. The Chinese Lunar Calendar predicts it will be a boy.
  • My nose looks exactly the same from before. No noticeable widening.
  • I have had increasingly AWFUL skin changes during the pregnancy. Dry, broken out, and pale. My hair is also limp and dry and I hate it and I’m going to cry because it used to be cute.
  • When I tied my wedding ring to a string and held it above my belly, the ring went in clockwise circles.
  • Justin has 3 sisters (that’s a whole lotta estrogen) and I have one brother.
  • An interesting trend that occurs in my family is having a girl first then a boy… it’s happened that way for over 4 generations, and has also shown up in my uncle’s kids. Probably just a funny coincidence, as most of these things are.
  • Justin once had a dream where we had a little boy.
  • I have weird dreams about breastfeeding, giving birth to babies with really huge heads, and also ones that can already talk.

So based on all these lovely bits of TMI, what do you all think? Boy or girl? Mini-me or mini-Justin? Either way, I will be beyond thrilled, but as most of you know I am rooting for a girl. We’ll see on Thursday morning!