An Urgent Hair Color Update

I should be shanked for even allowing this thought to take hold in my brain, but I kind of want the hair color Snooki has in this photo:

Is it so wrong? DON’T HURT ME!


(To be clear for those who have never seen Jersey Shore, Snooki is the little trollish brunette on the right, who is quite notorious for being the loud, ridiculous girl no one wants to look like. Do you see my dilemma now?)

Stuck in a Perfume Rut

Some time ago, I realized what a brand name junkie/sellout I am when it comes to perfume. It’s sad, really. If you take a look at my current collection, you’ll find something creepily similar with each one. Just try to put your finger on it… haha.

Something blonde and umm… hoochie perhaps? Well, I guess I’ll cut Gwen some slack on the hoochie part… she’s cool, and I actually favor L.A.M.B. over the others. But Britney and Paris? When did I subconsciously decide I wanted to smell like an attention-craving panty-ditcher? I’m thinking it’s time for a change.

So, what is everyone wearing now? What are your favorite scents? I am in desperate need of something new. My trusty fall back is Victoria’s Secret Vanilla Lace (mmm, smells like cookies), but perfume-wise, I could use some help. :)