The First Pedicure

A while back, my mom had the brilliant idea of painting Maddie’s toenails.

I was like, “Mom. Listen to yourself. Maddie’s insane. She’ll never sit still and will probably kick the crap out of your face in the process.”

“But her little fat toes would be so cute with some polish on them!”

“Mom. Not a good idea.”

So she didn’t do it…

Until today.

I just received this in a text message, with a caption that read “hahahahahaha!”…

Apparently this was her second attempt at painting Maddie’s toes this morning. The first time didn’t work out so well, as predicted, with red nail polish ending up all over my parents’ new bedspread. So Mom put Maddie in a high chair and distracted her with food and Yo Gabba Gabba. Those are the magic words for this child, I’m telling you.

I just can’t stop laughing.

Making Time for the Little Luxuries

As a new mom, I’m finding that my beauty routine has changed a bit. Even up until the day Madeline was born, I was (I’ll admit) quite the diva. So much has changed, being that time and funds are more limited nowadays.

Now, the things I would have accomplished without batting an eyelash are falling by the wayside. Things like bubble baths, curling my hair, and even shaving my legs (horrid, I know). Professional pedicures, where I used to spend $30 every two weeks, are few and far between. Tanning was a daily addiction, getting highlights every 5-6 weeks was a must, and I can’t forget how relaxing it was to get those massages.

Looking back, most of those little luxuries were pretty costly and unnecessary for me… to a point.

I know bottle blondes really do NEED highlights that often or else you start looking skunky and cracked out. I’ve been there. You might remember when I recently and very briefly made the switch back to blonde. Though I loved it so, the upkeep just wasn’t realistic for me at this time in my life. So back to low maintenance brunette I went, and I’m kind of loving it more than the blonde.

Tanning, well, I still love it despite all the damage it does. But I’m having a really hard time justifying spending $40+ for a month when I could just go outside and use the sun for free. Slathering on a little bit of self-tanner works just as well (and more quickly).

Pedicures on the other hand… I just can’t part with them. When we have the extra money to splurge a bit, the nail salon is the first place I’ll go. When we don’t have the extra money, I do what I happen to be doing right this second… soak my feet in a tub and paint my nails myself.

I never wanted to be the mom who made excuses for why her appearance went downhill, but now I can sort of understand it all. Babies have a way of sucking up your energy. Making time for the little things that make you feel relaxed and beautiful is still very important, you just have to work on finding new ways to make it happen.

What is the one thing in your beauty routine that makes you feel the most beautiful? What luxuries do you splurge on? Is there anything you absolutely can’t live without?

I told you it’s the pedicures with me… crusty feet have never been my thing. Do share!