#30 Take a weekend trip alone with Justin

Justin and I spent Valentine’s Day weekend at Pismo beach in an adorable little house just a couple hundred feet from the water. While we were there, I was all charged up to cross as many things off my list as I could. (I may have added in a few things that could be easily accomplished, knowing I was going to the beach this weekend… don’t judge me.)

Here are some super high quality cell phone pictures as proof:

Why my head is freakishly morphed, I'll never know...
#53: Eat at three new restaurants (The Cracked Crab)
#53: Eat at three new restaurants (1: The Cracked Crab)

I know you’re loving the bib. I swore I would NEVER wear one of those things, but our waiter snuck up behind me and just started tying that sucker on. Thanks, Anthony. Thanks a lot.

Justin is having some fun editing a video we took while we were there, so stay tuned for that goodness.