Little Lovelies Posy Ring Giveaway

It’s about time I thank my readers for being so lovely, encouraging, and just downright AWESOME…


So here’s your chance to win two posy rings from my Etsy shop.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered. As usual, I’m not that picky in what you say in the comment, so fire away with the randomness! I always love hearing from you all. :)

You can receive an additional entry by retweeting me about the giveaway (read: whore out my blog for me, thanks).

Comments and tweets will be open until this Thursday {August 6th} at midnight, and the winner will be announced Friday. Good luck, loves!

Note: If you retweet, please make sure to include @ohmorgosh somewhere in it, so I can track it. Thanks!