Just call me Bag Lady

I recently played Hostess of a party.  A Purse Party.

I am not the slightest bit ashamed of my ever-growing obsession with designer inspired purses (which is basically just a fancy way of saying “cheap knock-off”), and neither were my guests… These girls were awesome!  With their purchases adding up to a very generous amount, I was able to get this lovely thing for FREE.

Mmm, patent leather goodness.

I snagged this lovely thing as well…

When imprisoned for all my shady purchases, it will match my prison uniform quite nicely, don't you think?

Psst… Keep an eye out for my 100th post because it’s coming soon!  Something awesome is being given away, and you don’t want to miss it!

Purse Raid Game

When I threw a bridal shower for my friend a few weeks ago, we played a game called Purse Raid. I had a long list of items – some common, some completely random – and the point was to see which lady was carrying the most in their purse. As I read off the list, I was surprised at the results… I had no idea some people really do carry pepper spray!

The inspiration for this post is partially from the game we played at the shower, but I’ve also seen a blog-tag-what’s-in-your-purse type of thing circulating…

So I’ll get the ball rolling and tag myself!

  • My Fauch (faux Coach) wallet
  • Address Book
  • Victoria’s Secret Free Panty coupon
  • “Indulge” 2-month-old birthday card (from Shea)
  • The Other Boleyn Girl paperback… loving it.
  • Black sunglasses & brown (gotta have backups)
  • Dingy makeup bag
  • Jane loose face powder
  • OPI polish – Shoot Out at the O.K. Coral (I’m bad & paint them at work)
  • Great Shakes hand lotion
  • Sour Mango Altoids
  • Plastic Easter egg… the jellybeans from inside were eaten long ago!
  • $.85
  • Gold leaf earrings
  • Random pen from work
  • Pink Razr… so old and dying.
  • Wintermint Orbit gum
  • My car keys, complete with Blockbuster Rewards card

Very sad, is it not?

Stephanie, Alyssa, Caitlyn, Tammy, Talia & Lisa — Tag! What’s in your purse?