101 Things {that will consume my life} in 1001 Days

Start Date: February 12, 2009

End Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011


In progress

Healthy Changes

1. Take another Pilates class
2. Take a spin class
3. Don’t laugh… Bust out my Tae Bo with Billy Blanks dvd and work out to it every day for two weeks. (0/14)
4. Try being a vegetarian for a month
5. Go a day without TV, computer and phone
6. Prepare lunches for work for an entire month
7. Lose 20 pounds to reach goal weight (20/20)


8. Comment on 5 new blogs a day for a week (7/7)
9. For one month, write a post a day (0/30)
10. Get my Etsy shop up and running
11. Learn to use Photoshop well
12. Meet 5 of my internet buddies in person (any takers?)
13. Do a tutorial on my blog (Bib Clips, Anthropologie Floral Necklace, Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace, How to Make a Bow, Dainty Flowers for Your Hair, Felt Rosettes, Springy Rings, Classic Felt Flowers, Fancy Ruffled Shoe Clips, Scrap Paper Garland, Flag Bunting Necklace)
14. Be featured in something positively

Domestic Duties & Crafty Projects

15. Redecorate our bedroom
16. Sew a dress for Madeline
17. Bake a batch of rainbow chip cupcakes
18. Buy a mop that actually works
19. Organize spices in a spice rack
20. Make Madeline a big, cute hair bow
21. Embroider something
22. Make 10 birthday gifts (10/10)
23. Clean out my dresser
24. Fix dresser drawers and paint it
25. Try out 15 new recipes from my collection of unused recipe books (15/15)

Wifely/Motherly Things

26. Kiss Justin goodnight 365 consecutive times
27. Watch a sunset with Justin (on our way back from New York… on a plane. IT COUNTS.)
28. Take a new photo with all three of us
29. Brush up on my French and write a love letter.
30. Take a weekend trip alone with Justin
31. Go on 10 different dates that don’t involve the movie theater (7/10)
32. Plan 3 surprises for Justin (1/3)
33. Teach Madeline 5 French phrases when she starts talking (0/5)
34. Go on 3 mini family vacations (2/3)
35. Go on a big family vacation
36. Start planning for Baby Gable #2… planning, not trying. :)

Being Social & Having Fun

37. Host a fancy party for friends
38. Host a party for my side of the family
39. Host a party for Justin’s side
40. Dress up and have a girl’s night out
41. Plan and execute 5 picnics in different locations (2/5)
42. Climb to the top of a waterfall
43. Write my name in the sand
44. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle (apparently I’m 80 because this sounds like a lot of fun to me)
45. Treat 3 different girlfriends to coffee on 3 separate occasions (2/3)
46. Attend five concerts (2/5: No Doubt, Relient K)
47. Take a picture in a photobooth
48. Talk to each of my grandparents once a week (lost count, but keeping up/143)
49. Rearrange my living room
50. Watch 50 movies I’ve never seen (50/50)
51. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
52. Travel to Alaska again, but on vacation this time
53. Eat at three new restaurants (3/3: The Cracked Crab, Jimy Wen’s, Pismo’s)

Conquering Fears & Breaking Habits

54. Get over my red meat phobia and cook a steak dinner for the hubs
55. Try fish again (not a fan)
56. Drive a stick-shift and not die
57. Go mountain biking with Justin
58. Hike Half Dome
59. Go Paintballing (terrifies me)
60. Teach a class/lead a Bible study
61. Go a month without buying lattes
62. Sing Karaoke

Kind Things

63. Buy a bum (‘homeless person’, for the PC person I offended) some lunch
64. Send 5 people snail mail (1/5)
65. Leave sweet, anonymous notes for 3 different people (0/3)
66. Take my Dad out to coffee
67. Take my Mom to get a mani/pedi
68. Spend time talking with my brother over lunch
69. Participate in a charity walk
70. Donate clothes I don’t wear

Wise Things

71. Save money for a house
72. Go a month without spending any money on clothes
73. Limit eating out to 2 times a month
74. Begin Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps
75. Collect all change for the 1001 days and put into savings at the end

Things I Should’ve Done Long Ago

76. Invite our neighbors over for dinner
77. ATV on the beach
78. Talk out that problem with those people
79. Finish the Love & Respect devotional with Justin
80. Sell my car
81. Graciously accept every compliment I receive for a month
82. Find a new dentist
83. This one’s a secret…
84. Start and maintain a prayer journal
85. Go snowboarding
86. Get a plant and keep it alive for at least a year (Start date: 12/25/09 – it died 3/1/10)

For Me

87. Read 50 books (23/50)
88. Find and purchase these moccasins
89. Take one bubble bath a week (15 holy fail/143)
90. Let my hair grow. No more bobs.
91. Fill every page of my journal
92. Get a professional pedicure during every summer month (9/12)
93. Buy a pair of designer heels (Louboutins, Steph. Agreed.)
94. Bring out the violin and start playing again. Yes, I am a nerd.
95. Buy a little black dress that I love and that looks great
96. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick
97. Take a cooking class
98. Find my niche and perfect it
99. Properly store my wedding dress
100. Finish my box of Crest White Strips
101. Take a photo to document completed tasks (when possible)