Baby #2 – Thirteen Weeks


As an onlooker, I’m sure the past few months have seemed to fly by, but I am confident to say there’s never been a time in my life that has gone by as slowly as the first trimester of my pregnancies. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. You don’t really look pregnant, and people are still sort of afraid to comment on your belly because it could just be the result of eating too many rainbow chip cupcakes.
  2. Poop is a foreign term. It’s sad… I look upon Maddie with such bowel jealousy.
  3. You’re pretty much feel like you are the most fragile person in the history of the universe, and the slightest bit of jostling will -OMGz!- hurt your baby. This makes you constantly anxious.


A few weeks ago I was walking in the Target parking lot and a lady whizzed by me in her car. Okay okay. She was going like 4 mph, but she was too close to me and my unborn so it made me stupid-nervous. I shot her the most evil look of death I could muster, jumped to the side of the aisle and threw my arms up with the most ridiculous, exaggerated movement you could imagine.  She didn’t even notice my tantrum. Bah! So much effort for nothing!

BUTBUTBUT, this magical thing called the 2nd trimester is supposed to bring some equally magical things with it. Like energy! And appetite! Baby kicks! A healthy glow! And the best of all… Mama Fat!

I’m ready. Bring it, baby Gable. BRING IT.