A Few Little Thrifty Finds

A couple weeks ago, my friend Natali and I went to downtown Fresno to visit the old thrift shops. I didn’t go into it thinking I would find anything other than maybe a little bowl or something (I have an ungodly obsession with cute bowls), but I was actually super surprised with some of the things I was able to find…

Natali pointed this cute little dress out and I was all, GIMME! and practically snatched it out of her precious little hands (sorry, Nat). It’s seafoam green with polka dots and has the perfect neckline for wearing to work. I don’t show my boobs at the office, so this is particularly pleasing to my prudish side (ha). I am in love. Oh, and I paid a whole $3 for it.

This little brooch is adorable, but I made it into a ring with a little hot glue. I’m all about yellow right now, so that rose drew me in like a zombie to some brains.  I think I’m going to start searching for pretty old brooches and things to convert into jewelry because HELLO? I’m all about being cheap and easy — wait. I said that wrong. You know what I mean.

I’m one happy girl right now.

Tutorial: How to spend a crap ton of money without getting murdered by your husband

Most of you ladies already know how this works, but I thought I’d let all my newly-married friends in on the process. It doesn’t take very long to master. Also, I’m really in the mood to watch Clueless, so please disregard the random images.

  1. Go shopping with a friend.
  2. Find overpriced outfit and fall in love. Friend says it makes your boobs look bigger, your butt look smaller and your legs look longer. Have you been working out?
  3. Purchase outfit. And coordinating accessories. Aaaaand those new heels (they were 40% off, you savvy shopper, you).
  4. Part ways with friend. Drive home alone in your car. In the silence and solitude, reality suddenly hits. Recall how your husband reacted to your last big purchase.
  5. Sweat profusely.
  6. Remember your fail-safe plan and immediately relax.
  7. Stop by the store and pick up your husband’s favorite drink. Actually, make that two, because you’re that thoughtful.
  8. Make it home before your husband does. Leave all shopping bags in your trunk except the one with the shoes. You will be using them as a prop later on.
  9. Go inside, set husband’s drink next on the side table next to his favorite chair. Turn on the baseball game/tv show/video game.
  10. Slip into your fabulous new heels.
  11. Husband comes home and is delighted by your thoughtfulness. Ask him if he noticed your new shoes. Tell him that they were on sale. Tell him his muscles look bigger today. Tell him he’s your favorite.  BUTTER HIM UP, GOOD.
  12. Let him watch the game and enjoy his drink.
  13. Now quick, while he’s distracted, run back out to your car and get all the shopping bags. Sneak them inside and hide them in the VERY back corner of your closet, under that old ratty blanket. Casually toss another blanket over it. Make it look natural, and like it’s been untouched for months.
  14. Next week, wear your new shirt. The following week, prance around the house in the skirt. Subtly and gradually introduce your husband to each item you purchased, but NEVER be the first one to point anything out.
  15. If asked, “Is that new?” simply reply, “This thing?? Honey, I’ve had it forever.

Shake my Money Saver

With the economy being as wonky as it has been lately, I often find myself wondering how everyone else makes it. I’m going to be honest here, as it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of… we are on a very strict budget and I have had to majorly cut back on spending.  Pretty much every unnecessary thing (my beloved pedicures, hair touch-ups every 6 weeks, shoe shopping, etc.) has been put on pause.

We’ve come up with little tricks to save money and I’m actually really proud of how well we’re doing.  It’s pretty insane when you have to be thrifty… you realize how much money you were just throwing away without realizing it!

With that said, I’d like to give you all this opportunity to send me money for some new shoes.


Though I do strongly feel someone should give me a few gold stars and a cookie for all my hard work, the one thing I haven’t quite nailed down in the money saving department is grocery shopping. It is the bane of my existence, and quite honestly makes me want to stab myself in the eye. Nay, EYES. I seriously hate it.

No matter how much planning, list-making, and leftover-eating I do, I still feel like we waste so much of what we buy.

The one big lesson I’ve learned is this: Do NOT shop while you’re hungry. I’ve made this mistake so many times and it’s left me with the most random array of items in my fridge. (Pickled okra? TWO jars? SERIOUSLY?!)

So how do you all handle the hellish task of grocery shopping? How often do you go? How much do you spend a month, if you wish to share? Any other tips/tricks you’d care to share??

Who Dresses your Man?

My husband refuses to buy clothes for himself.  Honestly, the last time I can remember him actually standing in a clothing store, picking out something for himself to wear was back in 2005.  His birthday is coming up and you know what he said he wanted? Best Buy gift cards.

Oh suuuure, walk around looking like a hobo all day, but hey! At least you have that new Xbox game you’ve been obsessing over for the past 3 months.  (Anyone else want to smack the person who thought up Call of Duty? If I hear ENEMY UAV IS ONLINE! one more time…)

Lucky for Justin, I like to shop.  I do it often and I do it well. I’m also the person everyone consults when they need help picking out his birthday presents. Something tells me Best Buy will not be in the picture this year. Bahahaha.

I’ve always wondered if it would be better or worse to have a husband who liked to shop. Do any of you girlfriends and wives have this issue with your men? Do men who LIKE to shop for clothes even exist??