The White Trash Gourmet

In an earlier post I mentioned the goal I set to become more domestic. I have to say, I am pretty darn proud of myself!  I have been sticking to the plan of cooking dinner 3 to 4 times a week and this was a major surprise to me… it’s SO fun and rewarding!

The over-planner in me gets along fabulously with structure and organization (OCD, much?), so this is what I’ve been doing to keep myself on track:

Sunday: Something simple (homemade pizza, casseroles, salads, etc.)

Monday: Mexican (which is usually tacos or burritos because I’m so original)

Tuesday: Pasta

Wednesday: White Trash (see below)

Thursday: Crock Pot (my favorite!  SO EASY, it’s not even funny)

Friday: Leftovers/Mooch off parents/Yes it’s true, I have no shame

Saturday: Dine out

So, this past Wednesday, I decided to make something extremely healthy and non-artery clogging whatsoever for my White Trash meal.  I like to call this…

Heart Attack on a Plate, with a Steaming Hot Side of Cellulite

Tater Tot Casserole: The epitome of Gourmet Dining
"Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe..."
"Sloppy Joe, Slop Sloppy Joe..."

Don’t lose faith in my cooking skills until you see what fancy concoction I have planned for this Sunday’s “Something Simple”.

Hint: It involves a spoon, some milk and a bowl of cereal.