Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little makeup.

I’ve been home alone with both of the kids for a few weeks, but it only took about 2 hours into that first day for me to go abso-freaking-nuts. Seriously, I was mental. Justin came home from work and found me rocking back and forth in the corner mumbling something about Buzz Lightyear and I’m pretty sure I was drenched head to toe in newborn pee.

I knew staying at home with two kids was going to be a ton of work, but I really didn’t prepare myself for the constant noise and diaper changing and feeding and picking up after THE EXTREMELY TALKATIVE TODDLER OF DESTRUCTION that I was about to face. Alone. On 2 hours of sleep. It’s been such a huge adjustment and has not been easy.

I’ve never been fond of having set routines and always thought of moms who were on such strict schedules to be a little silly. Like, loosen up, woman… the world’s not going to end if you don’t have things go exactly your way. Newsflash: the world will absolutely end if things don’t go exactly my way. I am totally one of those strict routine moms who I used to make fun of and OMG I GET IT NOW AND I’M SORRY FOR EVER MAKING FUN OF YOU.

Thankfully, I’m developing a little morning routine to help get me going and feeling awake and alive. If I don’t do these things by 9am, I won’t properly function that day. I’ll just sit in my corner like a drooling zombie and we all know zombies aren’t the most productive things.

  • Make the bed
  • Get dressed, brush teeth, put hair up in Mommy Ponytail. Yes, I’m one of those now too.
  • Apply some form of makeup (a little powder, a little mascara… just enough to not send any visitors running for the hills at the sight of this mug.)
  • Open all the blinds – SUNSHINE IS SO IMPORTANT. It’s like the Batcave in here if I don’t.
  • Feed Maddie breakfast
  • Get Maddie dressed in actual clothes so she’s not laying around in PJ’s all day

Whatever happens before/during/after these things is usually up to Jack. My boobs are his personal slaves. I’ll spend the rest of the day spending time with Maddie, usually coloring, reading and playing “kitchen”. Along with the neverending task of picking up a toddler’s toys, I’ve also made it a goal to do one major chore each day. I’ll sweep, mop and vacuum the floors on Mondays, for example. Dusting on Tuesdays. Bathrooms on Wednesdays. These little changes to my old routine have helped me out so much… who knew that grown ups actually need schedules too?

Veteran moms and other organized, sane people: do you have any tips to share? How do you start your morning?