A Few Little Thrifty Finds

A couple weeks ago, my friend Natali and I went to downtown Fresno to visit the old thrift shops. I didn’t go into it thinking I would find anything other than maybe a little bowl or something (I have an ungodly obsession with cute bowls), but I was actually super surprised with some of the things I was able to find…

Natali pointed this cute little dress out and I was all, GIMME! and practically snatched it out of her precious little hands (sorry, Nat). It’s seafoam green with polka dots and has the perfect neckline for wearing to work. I don’t show my boobs at the office, so this is particularly pleasing to my prudish side (ha). I am in love. Oh, and I paid a whole $3 for it.

This little brooch is adorable, but I made it into a ring with a little hot glue. I’m all about yellow right now, so that rose drew me in like a zombie to some brains.  I think I’m going to start searching for pretty old brooches and things to convert into jewelry because HELLO? I’m all about being cheap and easy — wait. I said that wrong. You know what I mean.

I’m one happy girl right now.

Thrift Store Frame Makeover

A week or so ago I scored a couple picture frames from a local thrift shop for about a dollar each. Take a look at these babies…

fugly frames

I mean, who wouldn’t want a creepy horse-lady-bride-staring-at-the-moon painting? Yikes.

(I actually kept these in the shopping bag until I the second I was ready to paint them because I just couldn’t handle the creep factor. I’m serious.)

A few coats of spray paint and an adorable mini print from Wren and Chickadee gives you something much easier on the eye.

new frame

I’m not sure yet, but I think this little squirrel might be making it’s home in our kitchen.

Also, I am now fully addicted to spray painting. Addicted, I tell you. You can’t even step out onto our back porch… dozens of little knick-knacks are sitting out there on old sheets of newspaper, awaiting their fate. I’ve already painted an old shelf, some baby food jars and a leaf. Why, I don’t even know.

It’s becoming a problem.