A simple tip to stretch the life of your favorite candles

As I mentioned before, I really love candles. But there’s this one thing that everyone knows — they don’t last forever. There are certain seasonal scents that are hard to find during the rest of the year and it makes me want to ugly cry when those beloved candles burn down a sad little puddle. Bath and Body Works comes out with Marshmallow Fireside in the fall and man, I really fell in love with it recently. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye!

Candle empty

One day, I noticed the wick was dangerously close to burning out so I grabbed the thing and poured the hot melted wax into some of my old wax melt molds. It filled up about half of the thing!

wax melts 2

This might be a well-known tip already, but man I sure got really excited when I realized I didn’t have to just throw away and waste that last little bit of wax that was left in the bottom. Now I just pop a few of the wax melts into my warmer and BAM! The memory of my favorite candle lives on. Who knows how many more hours I’ll get out of this thing.

Something else: If you have a little bit of wax left in a burned out candle you want to save, but the wax is already hardened, put the whole candle in the freezer for a while. Then get a butter knife and pop the wax out. It won’t be shaped in cute little molded cubes, but they’ll just melt right down anyway.

So go grab that nearly-gone Volcano candle you only use on special occasions because it’s the most amazing smell in the universe and stretch it’s life out a little longer!