It’s not all cuddles and kisses

Like most parents, I tend to post flattering pictures of my child that reflect her little angelic side. You don’t want people to know your kid is really a brat, right?

Well after all this talk about babies and pregnancy, I wanted to be fair and contribute a little dose of daily life with a toddler as well. Friends who have been struck by baby fever, this is for you.

"You're not cutting my chicken fast enough!! AHHHHHHHH!"
"I am faking this to get more attention! How dare you safely watch the road and not ME!? AHHHHHHHHHH!"
"I'd rather break your pinky than sit still for two whole minutes while waiting for the doctor to see me for my illness! Even after you took extra time off work & had to skip your lunch just to bring me here! SELFISH WOMAN! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"