Things that aren’t supposed to give me happies, but most definitely do because I’m just freaking weird.

I have issues with cameras. We reaaaaally don’t get along. If cameras were alive and had heart beats and such, I would push them all of a cliff to their deaths and probably enjoy it.

There was a batch of pictures I had developed when Justin and I first started dating, and something about them made me angry. So angry, in fact, that I took a pair of scissors to them…

Justin and Morgan's faceless body

Hint: it was my face. 

There’s a whole roll like this, each one with my face cut out… Yes, the very first pictures my husband and I ever took together. Our first memories together. THIS IS HOW SERIOUS I AM ABOUT UGLY PICTURES.

That being said, the following photos are all sorts of hideous and should be making me barf all over the computer screen, but they don’t. I actually am sort of in love with them because they totally capture the essence of mine and these girls’ friendship — mutual awkwardness/hilarity.  Oh, how I love them (we missed you, Steph)!

I get bored/annoyed when people post too many pictures of the same thing that only they think is hilarious, so I’ll only put up a few.

Photo 50

Me/Jagger/Tranny, Sarah, Jimaie, Alyssa

saggy boobs

We made them sag and weren’t too sure about the results.


Jimaie be mean muggin’