I Wish I May, I Wish I Might…

Lately, with work being somewhat slow, I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on my Google Reader and do a substantial amount of web surfing. I’ve developed quite a list of wants/needs (let’s be honest here, they’re mostly wants), and decided to share a few. Doesn’t everyone do this from time-to-time? :)

Wish List – 5.19.08

  • Sex and the City – The Complete Series — I know, I know, but I’m allowed a guilty pleasure (when I even get to watch it… Justin hates SJP for some unknown reason). Thanks to the adorable Miss Jamie over at Oh! How Lovely! for reminding me how badly I wanted this… and for making me extremely jealous that she found it for so cheap! :)

  • I want to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon and start using i.d. bareMinerals foundation. It’s received rave reviews from those of my friends who have used it. What do you think? Is it worth the little splurge?

  • Yeah, I’m a bit late on this, but Dooney & Bourke’s Giraffe Large Sac makes me drool anytime I see it (it is usually being toted by undeserving 17-year-olds without jobs, might I add). It’s big, it’s leather, and it’s animal print… what more could I want?!
  • To grow a healthy baby. That means no more fast/junk food for this girl. I stocked up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains yesterday, so I have no excuse! This is killing two birds with one stone, essentially — in growing a healthy baby, I’m avoiding growing an unhealthy extra chin. Win-Win(-Win if you watch the Office).

  • Speaking of… is Pam and Jim’s engagement too much to ask? COME ON!
  • To someday have a laundry room as sweet and girlie as Talia’s. Loving it! This lovely little mama is so inspiring. Check out her blog!
  • Take up sewing, as I originally planned to do 3 months ago. Alyssa’s super cute apron just kills me! I need to try my hand at craftiness.
  • To be more domestic! This is a priority, my friends, as I have slacked on cooking and cleaning the past… well, my entire marriage. With moving into a new apartment (tonight, woohoo!), I have made a goal to make a home-cooked meal for my Justin at least 4 times a week and not let laundry pile up to the ceiling (I hate doing laundry).

Can I get an amen?